How far do you want to go?


How far do you want to go?

12 months packed with career-infusing learning activities, followed by a full-time position at your department of choice. A ticket towards shaping the future of sustainable transport together with 100,000 colleagues in 190 countries. Does this sound exciting? If you have what it takes to join the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme, we can offer you a whole world of exciting possibilities. 

Applications are open during February.

What we offer

The Volvo Group International Graduate Programme is your springboard to a successful career. It runs for 12 months during which you’ll take part in graduate activities at your home company, an assignment abroad and three weeks of common training sessions with the global graduate group. You'll gain a solid understanding of the Volvo Group and its business as well as a vast network of friends and colleagues all over the world. On completion, you will be offered a chance to launch your Volvo career in the department to which you were recruited. 

Are you one of us?

The Volvo Group Graduate Programme is for ambitious and aspiring talents with a passion for development and personal growth. We have a thorough recruitment process to make sure that the programme is a perfect fit for you.

The basic requirements you need to fulfil are:

  • A university degree, preferably a master’s in engineering science, computer science business administration or logistics.
  • Solid English skills. Additional languages are meritorious.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills.
  • Determination, energy and a wish to improve.
  • A valid work permit for the countries to which you apply. 
Graduates process

Application and recruitment process

You can search for available graduate positions during one month of the year – next up is February 2017 – and apply online by posting your CV and a one-page cover letter in which you explain why you should be chosen. If you are interested in several positions or locations, you need to post more than one application.

1. Screening

If you are among the candidates selected for the next phase, a local recruiter will contact you. Meanwhile, if you want to update your resumé or apply for another position, you can make changes to your existing profile. 

2. Interview

During the face-to-face interview, you’ll be asked to describe yourself and talk about you career plan. You will also be asked to “state your case”, i.e. explain why we should hire you. Please be prepared to present two references after the interview. 

3. Assessment

If you are one of the final candidates remaining after the interview, you’ll be invited to complete online ability tests and a personality questionnaire. This will be followed by feedback and an interview at the local HR department. 

4. Selection

If you’re selected for the Volvo Group Graduate Programme you will be offered a full-time position contract at the department to which you applied.

5. Introduction

After a local introduction at your home department, you will enter the first common week of the programme, which takes place in Sweden.  

Graduate Programme